Prozac Parrot On The Up


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Prozac parrot on the up
7th August 2017

By Lloyd Lugsden

Roxxi, an African grey parrot, was not feeling her usual self when she developed depression and anxiety.

Her behaviour suddenly changed, from sliding down bannisters to staying in her cage, pulling out her own feathers, reports the Metro.

Owner Margy Newton said: “We were told that it might be because of hormones but Roxxi had developed bad anxiety – feather-pulling is a nervous thing, so she had to be put on painkillers and Prozac for eight months. The Prozac made her a bit too relaxed, as if she was high, but gradually she’s got better and she’s letting her feathers grow back, so we’ve weaned her off the drug.”

Now Roxxi is back on form, back as the centre of attention among the 12 birds she lives with.