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Product innovation rewarded at PATS
17th March 2015

By Neil Pope

The winners of the PATS Sandown 2015 New Product Awards were chosen by a team of expert pet retail judges today (Tuesday) from more than 170 new products entered.

Their decisions took into account a number of criteria such as product innovation, design, quality, packaging and value for money.

The judges agreed that the New Product Showcase – sponsored by pbwnews ( – had produced a high calibre of entries with a tremendous amount of innovation. They were pleased to see such a wide range of products, and felt the majority of items on display were reasonably priced in today’s challenging economic times.


Winner: KONG Glide ’n Seek, entered by KONG. Judges’ comment: This toy is a really innovative product. Cat owners will love the fact that the toy is good quality, durable and long lasting. It will definitely keep a cat entertained for hours while its owner is out and about. It’s a fun toy that fulfils a cat’s natural hunting instincts. Highly commended: Beco Catnip Toys, Beco Pets.

Winner: Gelert Country Choice Dog Trays, Cambrian Petfoods. Judges’ comment: This range of gently steamed dog food trays ticks all the boxes – it has good ingredients and comes in smart packaging. And retailers will love the fact that it is VAT free. Highly commended: Recovery Recipe, Lily’s Kitchen.

Winner: Zogoflex Toppl, Collarways. Judges’ comments: This treat dispensing toy is guaranteed to last – in fact it will be replaced if a dog destroys it. As well as having great brand identity, the toy is colourful, making it stand out in store. It is also very well priced. Highly commended: Buster Activity Mat, Kruuse UK.

Winner: ‘Carry Home’ Poultry Range, Marriages Specialist Foods. Judges’ comments: This is a high quality poultry feed and is extremely good value for money. The packaging is striking, and consumers will love the fact that it can be easily carried around. It’s an excellent British product. Highly commended: Extra Value Suet Punnets, Bamfords Top Flight.

Winner: Niblets range, Mr Johnson’s. Judges’ comments: Everything is right about this product, from the great packaging to the excellent ingredients. Customers can see what they’re buying – there is no rubbish, dust or mess. This was an outstanding winner. Highly commended: Pet Shacks Treasure Island, Envirosmart Products.

Winner: Spray on Plaster, Aqueos Care. Judges’ comments: This is a unique product. It does what it says on the packaging. It is also well priced. This product is so good we’re going to buy some for our shops when we leave here. Highly commended: Veloxa De-Wormer for Dogs, Merial Animal Health.

Winner: Animology Main Tamed, Entered by: Group55. Judges’ comments: This product looks smart, has a fun name and is amazingly priced. It is packed with vitamins and proteins and fills a big gap in the market. Highly commended: Oatmeal Advance Shampoo, Dorwest Herbs.

The winners were announced by PATS organiser Gordon Thomas and presented by Karen Pickwick, editor of awards sponsor pbwnews.