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Poundland bread too much for greedy gull
6th August 2019

By Robert Ellis
A peckish seagull tried a daring piece of shoplifting when it attempted to steal an entire loaf of bread from a supermarket.
The hungry bird was seen sneaking into a Poundland in Whitby, North Yorkshire, and then dragging the loaf outside with its beak.
Road worker Josh Binks, 19, filmed the attempted theft from his car outside.
He said: “I was picking my mum up as she works at that store and I saw a seagull walk through the doors.
“The bread was on a middle shelf about half a metre high and it was flapping its wings and pulling it towards himself. It dropped it and then that’s when I started filming.”
Footage shows the seagull walking away from the shop after dropping the loaf. It then changes its mind, goes back in and drags it out instead.
However, the bird was forced to abandon its loot when a member of staff came out and confronted it, reported the Daily Mail.