Popular Frenchies Set To Overtake Labradors



Popular ‘Frenchies’ set to overtake Labradors
3rd August 2018

By Karen Pickwick
Sales of French bulldogs are expected to be double Labrador sales between now and the end of 2020, according to analysis of UK dog registrations by Towergate Insurance.
The Labrador has long been the UK’s favourite dog breed, but French bulldog registrations more than quadrupled (+342%) between 2013-2017.
Fewer than 7,000 French Bulldogs were registered in the UK in 2013, while more than 30,000 were registered in 2017, making it the UK’s second most popular dog last year, in between the Labrador (35,068) and the cocker spaniel (23,317).
Mark Effenberg, chief executive of Healthy Pets, part of the Towergate Insurance group, said: “The rise of French Bulldogs has been driven partly by social media, as owners enjoy sharing photos of their dogs on platforms such as Instagram. The increased demand for smaller pedigree breeds has been even greater in urban areas, where a larger proportion of owners live in smaller properties without as much outside space.
“Roughly 30% of dog owners in the UK register their pets with the Kennel Club, so we know that the total numbers are actually much higher. These numbers do not reveal how popular crossbreed dogs have become over the last few years. Towergate has seen a huge spike in the number of requests from owners to insure their cockerpoo or labradoodle.”
For the first time ever, more French bulldogs were registered in the UK than Labradors in the fourth quarter of 2017, which was a trend repeated in the first quarter of this year. Over this six-month period, 17,822 French Bulldogs were registered with the Kennel Club, compared to 15,714 Labradors. 
Based on the average rate of growth between 2013-2017, pet specialists at Towergate Insurance say 204,000 French bulldogs could be registered between 2018-2020 compared with 105,000 Labradors.
Demand for several smaller dog breeds increased significantly between 2013-2017, including the miniature Dachshund (+100%), British bulldog (+64%), Pomeranian (+60%), Boston terrier (+58%) and Hungarian vizsla (+56%).
The ‘Frenchie’ boasts 17.2 million hashtags on Instagram, which is considerably more than other popular dog breeds such as pugs (14.6m), dachshunds (9m) and golden retrievers (13.5m).