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Plant of the Month: Ludwigia sp. white
18th June 2019

By Joey Abrahams

With growing interest in planted tanks, hobbyists are always on the look-out for what’s new or different in the hobby. Aquadip’s Joey Abrahams has hints of what retailers can stock

I am really excited about this latest addition to our plant collection – Ludwigia sp. white.

Ludwigia is a well-known species within the aquatic trade, but this ‘white’ variety has a unique appearance and up to now has been rarely available. However, I am pleased to say its propagation is now progressing well and we will see this plant more and more often.

Ludwigia sp. white will provide an interesting focal point in a planted tank. When cultivated emersed, it doesn’t show off its white colouration, which only develops once it is planted submersed. You may be interested to know that in addition, the tips of the plant will take on a light pink hue.

The plant is not for beginners as it requires attention in terms of light and fertilisers – it requires high light intensity and a complete food (Easylife ProFito) as well as added carbon dioxide, either via a CO2 system or CO2 fertiliser (Easylife EasyCarbo). Its ideal temperature range is 20-26°C. Propagation is via cuttings, though growth rate is slow, so be persistent.

Growing to a maximum size of 40cm, this is a good plant for central or background locations. It really is worth a try for the experienced aquascaper – though it does require patience. But as it is said, patience is a virtue, and in this case, patience brings rewards!