News Plant Of The Month Hydrocotyle Vulgaris



Plant of the month: Hydrocotyle vulgaris
18th February 2020

By Joey Abrahams

With growing interest in planted tanks, hobbyists are always on the look-out for what’s new or different in the hobby. Aquadip’s Joey Abrahams has hints of what retailers can stock

Hydrocotyle vulgaris

I am kicking off the new year with a very easy-to-keep beginner’s plant, Hydrocotyle vulgaris, which is ‘bomb-proof’ as it can survive in nearly all tanks.

H. vulgaris is very similar to a H. leucelophala, which is more commonly known in the aquarium trade – the way to tell them apart is that this one has smaller leaves.

H. vulgaris also has a lovely bright green colour, which is really eye catching. Advise your customers that when they are planting it in their aquariums, it is important that the are fully covered by the substrate to make it grow. Once planted, gently tug at the plant which will help orientate the roots so that they grow downwards.

As the plant grows to no more than 15cm tall, it can be planted anywhere in thank – foreground, centre or background. When optimum conditions are met, the plant will grow well.

Key is a lot of light and, as with many plants, adding a fertiliser to stimulate growth. When it’s growing fast, it is ideal to be used as a creeping foreground plant. It may require pruning every now and then when it is fast growing.

The best temperature range is 18-28 degrees Celsius. It’s easy enough to see why this is such a good beginner’s plant.