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Plant of the month: Echinodorus tenellus
23rd March 2020

By Joey Abrahams

With growing interest in planted tanks, hobbyists are always on the look-out for what’s new or different in the hobby. Aquadip’s Joey Abrahams has hints of what retailers can stock

Echinodorus tenellus

Regular readers will know I have made recommendations of carpeting plants in the past. This month, I want to introduce you to Echinodorus tenellus.

Because it is a carpet plant, the maximum height it will grow will be up to 10cm, so is a perfect choice to create a lawn effect in the tank. When first introduced, it can take a while until you notice any growth. But once settled, it will start to produce runners and you will soon see the carpet effect. In optimal conditions, its growth can be rapid so advise your customers that they may need to trim the plant to avoid it taking over!

E. tenellus, originally from South America but now grown in greenhouses across Europe, is the smallest plant of the Echinodorus species.

We have listed it as a ‘medium-demand’ care level plant because it needs a lot of light as well as a (liquid) CO2 system and root sticks/nutritious soil or fertiliser to ensure growth. So customers buying this plant do need some advice on how to maintain it if they are new to aquascaping to avoid disappointment.

Make sure that the plant does not get shaded by other large plants in the tank as this will slow its growth and over time, could develop a more sparse appearance.

The ideal temperature range is between 22 and 28°C.