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Plant of the Month: Echinodorus harbich
9th September 2019

By Joey Abrahams
With growing interest in planted tanks, hobbyists are always on the look-out for what’s new or different in the hobby. Aquadip’s Joey Abrahams has hints of what retailers can stock…

I really like Echinodorus harbich because it has a very striking appearance and produces many leaves as you can see in this example shown here, which comes in a 5cm pot.
We also offer E. harbich as a mother plant – a mother plant is a larger plant and comes in a 9cm pot.
This plant has its origins in South America and when kept under the right water parameters, it will grow really quickly and can reach heights of up to 40cm! As such, I do not recommend that you plant it in the foreground. I’d even be wary of a centre position, though some hobbyists do with good results.
This is quite an easy plant to look after and is classified as medium care. Water temperatures needs to be between 20 and 28 degrees Celsius, and it will do fine without a fertiliser, though I’d still recommend that you offer this. Easy-Life ProFito is a complete plant food, but Easy-Life Root sticks would do as well, which release nutrients slowly. Hobbyists can also use Easy-Life Ferro to add iron. Finally, it needs medium lighting intensity.
If the plant is kept under less than ideal conditions, the leaves will turn a light green / pale. These will need removing as they won’t recover.
Propagation is via runners, but can also be via the vertical shoots of a flower stalk. E. harbich will flower if grown emersed, but when kept submerged, new plantlets will be noticed. Both are really nice to see. When the new plantlets are tall enough and have enough roots, you can cut them and replant them.