News Plant Of The Month Aponogeton Boivianus



Plant of the Month: Aponogeton boivianus
24th July 2019

By Sandra Pearce

If ever there is a plant that is suited to large tanks, this is it. Aponogeton boivianus is a large plant – its leaves can grow to a massive 70cm, with a width of 7cm. 
The Aponogeton family is native to Africa, Asia and Australia, and A. boivianus was originally found in the fast-flowing rivers in Madagascar. With such currents, the leaves, not surprisingly, are very strong and have a hardy structure.
Speaking of leaves, new growth starts out either brown or light green but as the plant matures, will turn dark green. The leaves also have a wave-like appearance, adding to its unique appearance.
The plant has a bulb – pictured here is a loose bulb – and it is important that this is never buried completely. I would recommend that hobbyists use a root stick or tab (eg. Easy-Life Root sticks) and bury it close to the bulb. In this way, the bulb gets the nutrients it needs in order to form nice, healthy leaves and good growth speed.
Its pace of growth is medium-fast, and as it gets to 70cm, could potentially shade other plants in the tank. Best location really for it is in the centre or background.
Lighting should be of medium intensity with a temperature range of 22-24°C. And bearing in mind its origins from fast-flowing rivers, remind customers to ensure there is sufficient waterflow in the tank.