News Pet Trade Should Welcome Disruption



Pet trade ‘should welcome disruption’
8th January 2020

By Karen Pickwick

Disruptors in all their guises can be like gold for the pet industry, says recruitment specialist Lynda Ward, founder of Pet Trade Solutions.

“Having recruited, trained, been part of and also led salesforces. I believe that all businesses can benefit from unusual ideas from the people at the coalface…yet too many are seen as disruptive and so disregarded,” she said. 

“Why this is so may be that senior management simply think they know better or that they feel protective of their own domain and resent input from others.


“It’s a great pity as the salesperson is closest to the customer and able to give valuable feedback on their needs and opinions as well as having the ability to conceive ideas about how the company can develop new strategies or products.

“That some of the proposed plans may be disruptive from the current track should not be seen as a negative nuisance but should give rise to debate and evaluation with who knows what eventual outcome.”

Lynda said retailers and wholesalers also needed to look carefully at new offerings and novel goods.

“While it’s true that some will be a flash in the pan, please look at the disruptor companies and the disruptor lines and listen to the disruptor personalities…there will always be a gold nugget hidden somewhere.”