Pet Shop Staff Otterly Baffled


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Pet shop staff otterly baffled
1st January 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

A pet shop found an unusual visitor in its store room.

The otter was found curled up in the warehouse at Pets at Home in Rugby, Warwickshire, near the river Avon. Staff members Nadine Eason and Alexandra Gerrard think the otter walked in during a delivery.

“I heard a rustling sound when I was in the office later in the evening and wondered what it was. I caught a glimpse of a tail and thought it was a cat, but then I opened the door and saw the otter,” said Nadine.

RSPCA inspector Georgia McCormick was called out to help.
She said: “When I arrived the otter was just hiding under some pallets. She wasn’t stuck, but she did have some cuts on her face and around her tail.

“It took an hour to catch her, as she had lots of places to hide and I tried not to make sure she didn’t get too stressed.

“I took her to a specialist vet as her breathing sounded a little wheezy and I thought she would benefit from a check over.”