Pet Retailer Shuts His Doors Due To Online Competition



Pet retailer shuts his doors due to online competition
6th October 2017

By Sandra Pearce

Pet retailer shuts his doors due to online competition

A pet retailer has closed his shop, saying he can’t compete against online competition.

Fluffy Paws Pet Supplies, in Bicester, Oxfordshire, opened 25 years ago, with latest owner Rob Douglas running it for eight years, reports the Bicester Advertiser.

Rob, 50, said: “It has been great and such a good learning curve for me as I had never been in marketing and sales.

“I have loved growing it as a business, it is just a shame that the internet has destroyed us as people shop more online. Also, supermarkets are becoming the main retailer for pet supplies where there may be more choice and people feel they may be cheaper.

“Then manufacturers have had to move more into wholesalers and pet supermarkets as units are closing down. It is mostly something the shop has noticed over the past 12 months.

“More people just need to support local businesses or they will lose them.”
He added: “I had always been in quality and regulatory management and was being made redundant in an industry which was moving towards manufacturing overseas.

“I saw the shop had come up for sale and thought ‘Why not?’

“I have always had a love for animals, as well as charity, and the shop was something that brought all that together.”

Rob, who is also the president of the Beerhounds Motorcycle Club, organised an annual charity motorcycle run to help support Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary. He said he is looking at how he can continue organising this event now that the pet shop has closed.

He said: “I am upset to be closing and will miss all the customers and regulars that have supported me and kept the business running.”