News Pet Retailer Caught Up In Whaley Bridge Crisis



Pet retailer caught up in Whaley Bridge crisis
5th August 2019

By Sandra Pearce

A pet shop is among those affected by the partial collapse of a dam at Whaley Bridge, in the Peak District.

Family-run Fernmoss Pet Supplies has been in business for more than 20 years and is located on Market Street in the picturesque town. Whaley Bridge made headlines around the world when part of the dam containing Toddbrook Reservoir collapsed, causing fears it could burst and flood the town.

Fernmoss Pet Supplies has been posting regularly on its Facebook page, giving words of encouragement to customers and residents and sending its love.

One resident replied: “What I love about your post is that it doesn’t even mention your business…your care for others supersedes your self concern…you are a gift to Whaley.”

At the time of writing, most of the residents had been evacuated and businesses shut as emergency crews work to stabilise the dam and reduce the water level in the reservoir so engineers can assess the damage.