News Pet Owners Warned Over Grazing Livestock



Pet owners warned over grazing livestock
14th March 2019

By Robert Ellis

Dog owners are being reminded of the importance of keeping pets on a lead to avoid attacks on grazing livestock.

A recent survey revealed 24% of dog owners reported that their dogs had chased other animals and of those only 29% sought help.

Dr Samantha Gaines, dog welfare expert at the RSPCA, which conducted the survey, said: “Chasing sheep in particular can cause serious, lasting injury and have horrible impacts, like the loss of unborn lambs. It’s not enough to think you can call your dog back from chasing livestock and that is the end of it – the stress alone of being chased by a dog can be enough to kill a sheep, which many people don’t know…

“There are very simple ways to stop any of this happening though – ensure your home and garden is secure and escape-proof and keep your dog on a lead around livestock…
“If dog owners can spread the word about being responsible around livestock, that will really help too.”