Pet Owners Pledge To Do Better



Pet owners pledge to do better
28th February 2018

By Karen Pickwick
Top-notch nutrition was the No.1 pledge by pet owners in response to Iams’ New Year campaign.
At the onset of 2018, the pet food brand asked the nation’s ‘pet parents’ to make a resolution to enjoy a happier, healthier and more ‘paws-itive’ year with their beloved companion. With hundreds of pledges submitted from around the country, Iams has revealed the results of the campaign, which, the company says, ‘truly reinforce the fact that Britain is a nation of animal lovers’. 
First class nutrition was the most popular pledge, with 55% of cat owners and 46% dog owners pledging a better diet for their pet. This was followed by exercise and activity, with a fifth of respondents promising more walks for their dog and one third of cat owners committing to more playtime. Spending ‘quality time’ together was also ranked as a priority – from giving more cuddles and ensuring pets have a warm, comfy bed to daily teeth brushing and providing regular flea treatment.
Iams nutritional expert and veterinary training manager Kellie Ceccarelli said: “The initial results of the IAMS Pet Pledge campaign highlight that the UK really is a nation of pet lovers. Taking care of a pet can bring us so much joy, and as a pet parent myself I understand how difficult it can be to say no to puppy-dog eyes – especially when it comes to feeding them with human treats and tit-bits. 
“However, to ensure our pets are truly happy, it’s important for us to spend quality time together and provide them with a 100% complete and balanced nutrition, so that our pets can enjoy a happy, healthy and active life. We hope that the New Year pledges made by UK pet parents will become a life-long commitment to improving their pets’ health – whether it’s through high quality nutrition, play, plenty of cuddle time and of course, adventurous muddy walks.”