News Pet Owner Earns Raptor Ous Applause


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Pet owner earns raptor-ous applause!
19th February 2020

By Robert Ellis

A Chihuahua had a lucky escape when a bird of prey tried to snatch it.

The buzzard-like bird tried to take 18-month-old Emma from a garden in Stoneywood, Aberdeen, but owner Robert Gillanders, 65, managed to get to the predator in time and release the dog from its talons.

Robert’s wife, Sheila, 72, told the BBC News: “We heard a bell and it was a bird of prey coming down – it must have escaped from its handler.

“It pinned her [Emma] against the fence. It only got so far up, but my husband was able to get the bird off her. It then just looked at us.

“It was a really big bird, like a buzzard. It was definitely trained as it was wearing a bell.”

Emma was taken to the vet and is receiving medication.