News Pet Lovers In India Do It On Skype



Pet lovers in India do it on Skype
30th June 2020

People in India who are stressed by the coronavirus lockdown are turning to long-distance pet ownership to relieve their anxieties.

The Scroll.In media website reports that this ‘virtual’ adoption is a growing trend as the lockdown, and need for physical distancing, has lead to an increasing sense of isolation for many.

One example is Raghav Chabra, a 28-year-old chartered accountant in New Delhi, who spends an hour each evening Skyping his distanced pet, Franny.

Franny is a real golden retriever living at a rescue farmhouse on the outskirts of Delhi, looked after by volunteers. Chabra pays for the his food and shelter.

He said: “Talking to Franny and knowing that he is healthy and happy gives me the assurance that at least something is normal. Whenever it’ll be safe to go outdoors, I am planning an entire weekend with him.”