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Patricia’s new product earns pat on the back
4th October 2018

By Karen Pickwick

A designer is celebrating after her product won silver in the PetQuip Pet Product of the Year awards at PATS.

Patricia Stephens says she could not find a ‘gentle but effective’ grooming tool that her dogs would enjoy during times of relaxation, rather than them running a mile at sight of a brush! So she decided to design her own – and has now produced her second  2-in-1 grooming and massage tool, mookiemax, for use on larger dogs and cats to complement its ‘little brother’, mookie, for medium to long-haired dogs, cats and rabbits.

Patricia was concentrating mainly on the brush and spent a lot of time getting the bristles just the right hardness to remove undercoat and detangle sensitive areas while at the same time giving the animal a soothing treat. But, during the design process, she realised that the cap could also perform a function as a gentle massager, which is a known therapy to relax animals of all kinds.

mookiemax and mookie come in six different colour combinations from distributor Collarways.

And mookiemax wasn’t the only winner for Dorset-based Collarways. After taking silver in the accessories category, the distributor went on to scoop another silver award, this time in the health and technical category, with the PetWeighter bowl.