News Parrot Show Offers Wealth Of Information



Parrot show offers wealth of information
8th April 2019

By Karen Pickwick

The Think Parrots Show returns to Kempton Park this summer with free masterclass sessions for attendees.

The show and exhibition, which is now in its eighth year, will be taking place at the racecourse, in Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex, on Sunday, June 9 and will include three masterclass sessions, delivered by avian experts, miniclasses about eco-tours, as well as free-flying bird demonstrations by a top UK bird trainer and a microchipping special offer by a well-known avian vet.

The event, organised by Parrots magazine and sponsored by Northern Parrots, is aimed at dedicated parrot owners who are eager to improve their knowledge, and brings together a wide range of enthusiasts including pet owners, hobby breeders, conservationists, avian vets and the UK’s top parrot experts, as well as an extensive range of exhibits and product displays.


Show organiser John Catchpole said: “As our Think Parrots event has grown over the past seven years, it is very clear that genuine parrot owners and enthusiasts are delving deeper into the way parrots behave and how to provide the best care.

“As a highly intelligent creature, it is important that they are provided with a proper nutritional diet, an ideal environment and, above all else, good stimulation.

“In the wild, they can choose and forage for food they think best, play and self-stimulate but in a captive environment they are solely reliant on what we provide. So it is very encouraging to see that there are increasing efforts from a wide range of experts to provide the best care for them to enjoy a happy and contented life, and indeed, our company as well.”