News Otters Win David And Goliath Battle


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Otters win David and Goliath battle
8th November 2018

By Robert Ellis

Dramatic footage that has wowed social media users captures six brave otters which scare off a huge crocodile in a nature reserve.

The otters defeated the massive reptile after the scuffle was caught on camera at the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve in  Singapore, the Sun reports.

The footage shows the crocodile approach the otters on a shoreline and submerge itself under water.
But after it snaps at one of the otters, its pals rally to confront the beast.

Incredibly, the croc is captured striking out several times but cannot grip any of the animals in its jaws.
Instead, the plucky otters fend off the reptile after the 10-minute showdown.