Ostrich Treats Fly Off The Shelves



Ostrich treats fly off the shelves
5th July 2018

By Karen Pickwick
JR Pet Products says its new range of Ostrich treats for dogs is proving a ‘huge success’, selling out in less than 48 hours!
“Thankfully more were already on their way,” said co-owner Becky Davies.
“Ostrich is the ultimate premium healthy treat for dogs. Industry experts and vets are recommending novel proteins, making our ostrich treats the perfect choice. Our new Ostrich treats/chews are all hypoallergenic, high protein and less than 2% fat.
“We offer an amazing, totally safe big Ostrich bone; it’s non-splintering, lightweight and it floats on water. Braided Ostrich Tendons, Ostrich Spaghetti, Ostrich straws (Ostrich trachea) and Ostrich Kebabs (pure Ostrich meat skewered by a Ostrich tendon) Ostrich crisps and Pure Ostrich…something for everyone!”
JR is shortly bringing out a new natural cat treat range, made with the same fresh, single-source protein meat as its established Pure Meat Sticks and Paté for Dogs. Mini bite varieties will include Salmon, Salmon & Seabass, Chicken, Venison and Duck together with Chicken Paté, Turkey Paté and Salmon Paté.