News Orijen Picks Up Global Award



ORIJEN picks up Global award
22nd August 2017

By Karen Pickwick

Bern Pet Foods is celebrating after ORIJEN freeze-dried dog food was named Brand of the Year 2017 in the Global awards.

President and CEO of Champion Petfoods Frank Burdzy accepted the award at the World Branding Forum in Vienna, recognising ORIJEN as a brand with a presence in 10 or more countries across three or more continents.

Unlike conventional pet foods, which are cooked at high temperatures, ORIJEN freeze-dried foods are prepared without cooking with the aim of retaining ‘the natural properties of authentically fresh ingredients’.

A spokesman said: “This award puts us in league with other global award winners such as Facebook, Google, Coca-Cola and Apple, and is a sign of how far our commitment to pet lovers has taken us – and will continue to take us.”
ORIJEN freeze-dried dog food features a diversity of fresh regional meats and are available in Adult Dog, Regional Red & Tundra in 170g and 454g bags. Retail prices start at £12.99 for 170g bags and £28.99 for 454g bags respectively.