News Ocean Rockstars Head Home To Breed



Ocean rockstars head home to breed
8th July 2020

By Justine Thompson

Giant Australian Cuttlefish have returned to their South Australian breeding ground in higher numbers this winter than have been seen for decades, experts say.

PHOTO BY Maeve Plouffe

Early estimates are hovering higher than 200,000 – numbers not seen since the population of the world’s largest cuttlefish species began to decline in the 1990s.

Nicknamed the ‘rock stars of the ocean’ because they live fast and die young, the cuttlefish have a life span of just 12-18 months, with a busy breeding season each May to August.

Scientists are still crunching this year’s numbers but local snorkeling tour leader Tony Bramley estimates some 250,000 of the largest cuttlefish sub species in the world have arrived at the breeding ground.

“There’s absolutely nothing like it in the world, South Australians are so lucky to have one of the most precious marine attractions on their doorstep,” he said.