News Oata Helps Members With New Licensing Regime



OATA helps members with new licensing regime
5th October 2018

By Karen Pickwick

The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association has created a suite of documents to help its English members with the new local authority inspection and licensing regime for animal activities, including the commercial sale of animals as pets.
The new regime requires a number of written policy and procedures, which some businesses may not already have. There is also a greater requirement for daily and weekly record-keeping, which businesses will need to show to inspectors during their yearly visit.
To help its members get ready for their inspection, OATA has created downloadable templates that businesses can use or customise for their business and offered detailed advice on how to write the policies and standard operating procedures from feeding, to cleaning tanks and preventing the spread of disease that are now required.
“We believe good businesses should be doing much of what is being called for as second nature but may not have ever written down what they already do as a matter of course,” said OATA’s chief executive Dominic Whitmee.
“Our free-to-download templates and advice will help businesses cut through the red tape and should make it easier for them to get ready for their first inspection under this new regime.

“We also have free care sheets businesses can use and our training packages will help to demonstrate businesses are meeting other requirements within the new guidance.
“But we remain concerned about various aspects of this new scheme so we are keen to hear from our English members about how they find it, the fees they are paying and how ready they consider their local authority is. We have a survey they can fill in, or they can email us or message us on our Facebook page.”
DEFRA will review the regime in the future and OATA wants to start gathering evidence of any significant problems to help it press for an early review.