News Oase Sees Rising Demand For Biorb



Oase sees rising demand for biOrb
13th May 2021

By Justine Thompson

Aquatics firm Oase UK is benefiting from an upsurge in fishkeeping activity that has resulted since the first covid-19 lockdown last year.

“With more employees working from home this past year, we’ve seen an increase in demand for biOrb aquariums,” said Patrick Inwards, biOrb brand manager.

“People enjoy connecting with nature. It gives them a sense of balance in their home office and also in life. A biOrb aquarium elevates their room and provides a daily break from the 24/7 digital world.”
With over 200 ornaments and accessories to choose from, the design possibilities of a biOrb are extensive, including the option of colour-changing mood light.

Constructed with acrylic to avoid the green tint often seen with glass, the exterior allows for 23% more light to pass through. Ideal for homeowners lacking natural light, the biOrb provides ‘the perfect place to gaze at fish within the comfort of the home’.