News Nutriment Launches Frozen Meatball Pet Brand



Nutriment launches frozen meatball pet brand
13th November 2020

By Karen Pickwick

Raw pet food business Nutriment has launched a new brand, Leo & Wolf, a range of frozen raw food products for both cats and dogs.

Featuring both complementary and complete options, the food range currently includes a variety of meatball style products. The brand will also feature some premium treat products, which are currently being developed for future release.

Today, the Leo & Wolf portfolio – which is specifically designed to simultaneously support both canine and feline nutrition – features five varieties: beef and vegetable meatballs (93% meat and offal); beef meatballs (99% beef); chicken, beef, salmon and vegetable meatballs (93% meat, offal, fish and bone); tripe meatballs (99% tripe); and tripe, salmon and vegetable meatballs (93% tripe, fish and bone).

As is characteristic of all Nutriment raw food products, the ingredients in Leo & Wolf recipes come from human grade food sources. All recipes are grain-free, free from artificial additives and preservatives and inclusive only of ingredients that are biologically appropriate, easily digested and supportive of canine and feline health.

Leo & Wolf meatballs have been designed to maintain their form and shape when defrosted, without losing moisture or any of the desired texture.

“We are staunch advocates of raw feeding solutions here at Nutriment,” said managing director Suzanne Brock. “However, we do appreciate that storing pet food (which contains raw meat) in personal kitchen fridges can (and does) deter pet owners from exploring raw feeding. With this in mind, we are proud to launch a frozen product which can be conveniently stored, handled, defrosted and fed. The meatballs are individually frozen and so each portion can be efficiently removed from the pack and defrosted for mealtimes.”