News Nt Labs Revamps Marine Range



NT Labs revamps marine range
25th November 2019

By Sandra Pearce

NT Labs has relaunched its marine range, with new products and a new design.

The new look features ‘bright, enticing imagery and easy-to-understand icons’, and the company says the range will appeal to all marine and reef keepers.

Two new products have joined the range.

The first is Marine Anti-Aiptasia, a contact solution to eradicate Aiptasia. Aiptasia are polyp-like creatures found in reef aquariums that can harm corals.

NT Labs has also replaced Trace Element Replacer with Coral Boost. Coral Boost replenishes a wide range of essential trace elements found naturally in sea water and is formulated for daily application.

The range is now packaged in smaller cartons (10% less cardboard than the previous range), which are made from FSC-certified paper and printed using vegetable-based inks. The bottles are widely recyclable.