News Nt Labs Reformulates Filter Bugs



NT Labs reformulates Filter Bugs
22nd May 2019

By Sandra Pearce

NT Labs has reformulated its Filter Bugs product into an easy-to-use liquid formulation.

Filter Bugs used to be contained in sachets comprising a small cloth coated in beneficial bacteria, which was then placed directly in the filter. The new formulation can be added to any filter, whether traditional sponges or fluidised media.

The new highly-concentrated formulation of Liquid Filter contains nitrosomonas, nitrobacter, nitrospira and bacterial cultures.

Filter Bugs can be used when establishing a new filter, at the beginning of pond season or when ammonia or nitrite levels are elevated.

A spokesman said: “Simply measure out the required dose and add it directly to the biological media within your filter. These bacteria will then begin to work right away, and your filter will be rich in healthy bacteria, which will create a well-conditioned environment for your fish.”

Filter Bugs are available in 250ml, 500ml and 1l. Prices start at £11.99 RRP.