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Not a glue-ten free menu
11th April 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

A family’s dog found herself in a sticky situation after eating a takeaway leaflet that had been posted through the door.

Trett, a 12-year-old Bedlington terrier cross westie, was rushed to Eastfield Veterinary Hospital, in North Thoresby, near Grimsby, after her owners came home to find their pet’s mouth glued shut.

Trett had eaten a takeaway flyer and the glossy paper had reacted with her saliva, forming a glue-like substance that clamped her mouth closed, leaving her highly distressed and struggling to breathe.

Veterinary nurse Heather Sparks said: “We couldn’t sedate Trett as there was a danger this would affect her breathing even more.

“It took more than 30 minutes to soak the sticky material in her mouth and, using dental equipment, we were eventually able to scrape the substance off her teeth and gums, freeing her jaws.”