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Norman storms back to mobility
17th February 2021

By Karen Pickwick

Rescued more than 20 years ago, Norman the donkey had been enjoying Ohio farm life until one morning he was found lying on the ground, injured and unable to stand on his own.

His owners rushed him to Ohio State University where vets diagnosed a spinal condition that left Norman with decreased motor function in a back leg. Nor did it help matters that he weighed more than 340lbs, making it even more challenging to get back on his feet!

Over the course of his treatment Norman received laser therapy along with physical therapy to help him heal, but to heal he needed to walk on his own. His owner, Heidi, knew if Norman could get back on his feet he could lose weight, so took matters into her own hand and contacted Walkin’ Pets, a New Hampshire pet mobility company.

The Walkin’ Pets team had never built a wheelchair for an animal as big as Norman, but they got right to work, designing Norman the first Walkin’ Wheels Donkey Wheelchair.

Now, after only a few weeks, Norman is down to a slim 312lbs. He has built up his strength and can now stand on his own for hours unsupported. His wheelchair has made all the difference and the plucky donkey is now back home at the farm.