Noah Welcomes Eu Commitment



NOAH welcomes EU commitment
12th July 2017

By Karen Pickwick

NOAH has welcomed a statement by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Business Secretary Greg Clark that the UK is fully committed to continuing a close working relationship with the EU, in particular the European Medicines Agency, post-Brexit.
In a letter published in the Financial Times, NOAH chief Eexecutive Dawn Howard said that NOAH agreed access to medicines for human patients was vitally important, but explained that we must also ensure that our pets and farm animals had continued access to the best veterinary medicines to protect their health and welfare.
“Animal medicines are equally subject to the stringent regulatory controls of their human counterparts, based on EU legislation, using the EMA,” she said.
“Animals need medicines for the high standards of animal health essential for public health and food safety: the UK veterinary medicines sector is also essential for the wellbeing of the pets sharing 12 million UK households, as well as nearly 10,000 assistance animals and 1500 working dogs.
“As we leave the EU, our priority is a vibrant and innovative animal medicines sector, supporting the health and welfare of the UK’s livestock and pets. Our future regulatory model and relationship with both the EU and international partners will be critical to this success,” she said.