Nishikoi Retains Which Endorsement



Nishikoi retains Which? endorsement
24th October 2017

By Sandra Pearce

Consumer advisor Which? has endorsed Nishikoi’s ClearWaters Treatment Against Blanket Weed as a best buy for blanketweed control.

A Nishikoi spokesman said: “Ever since 2014, the Which? badge of endorsement has been permitted on all pack sizes of ClearWaters, and this can now continue into the 2018 water garden season.

“ClearWaters Blanket Weed Treatment is highly effective against the filamentous algae and has good results against nuisance duckweed too.”

A 1,000ml pack can treat a 10,000-litre pond twice, and now available in pack sizes from 500ml up to 5 litres.

The product is harmless to all pond fish species, water plants and visiting wildlife such as birds, frogs – and even dogs who might drink the pond water. It is effective down to a water temperature of 4 deg Centigrade.