News New Production Facility Supports Uk Suet Range



New production facility supports UK suet range
18th February 2021

By Justine Thompson

Wild bird care specialist Honeyfield’s has introduced a major new manufacturing capability to its production site, allowing it to make suet pellets and blocks in house.

The development in Drilby, Lincolnshire, sees Honeyfield’s further strengthen its supply chain, with the launch of the refreshed suet offering utlising raw ingredients now UK sourced for its new improved recipes.

The Honeyfield’s Suet Pellets are formulated by bird care experts and are available in two flavours - Mealworms & Insect and Fruity Flavour – each available in four sizes; 750g, 2kg, 3kg tubs and 12.6kg.

Suet Blocks are available in the same two flavours as 300g single blocks, packs of four blocks and a mixed pack of eight.

The new recipes are based on research and taste tests, which underpin the brand’s palatability. Boasting a high fat content, the new recipe contains nyjer seed for enhanced nutritional benefit. In addition, Honeyfield’s uses only natural dyes.

Honeyfield’s says the development of UK-based manufacturing of its suet products has many benefits for customers, including the opportunity for regular suet deliveries due to the removal of a step in the supply chain.

James Jackson, category manager of Honeyfield’s, said: “We are really excited to add another manufacturing capability to our range. This allows us to choose the highest quality UK-sourced ingredients as we already do for most of our seed range where possible.”

Sam Marriage, managing director of WHM Pet Group, said: “As the weather remains cold and food sources for birds are scarce alongside uncertainty within politics and the potential economic effects, our UK-based suet operation couldn’t have come at a better time.

“We are already innovating and creating new, exciting products within the suet range and beyond. We are looking forward to sharing our hard work with the market in 2021.”