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New grooming kit for on-the-go dogs
7th June 2021

By Karen Pickwick

Sniffe and LikkitSniffe has launched the Woofpack – Pet, Set and Go grooming kit for dogs.

Made in the UK, Sniffe and Likkit’s award-winning grooming range uses a 100% natural arometheraputic scent alongside natural, botanical ingredients that are vegan friendly and pH balanced for dogs skin and fur.

The On the Go range of products included in the Woofpack include Give a Dog a Cologne  perfume mist in a ‘mini’ 50ml size.

The Fragrant Furcoat 3 in 1 brightening & conditioning shampoo is also included in the 50ml size.

Finally, the Woofpack contains four of the individually wrapped Whippets Fast & Fragrant Paw-Kit cleansing cloth sachets.
The Woofpack has an RRP of £24.