News New Gentle Dog Food For The Uk Market



New Gentle dog food for the UK market
10th January 2014

By Sandra Pearce

A new cold-pressed dog food has been launched into the UK market.

Made exclusively for the UK, Gentle is cold-pressed so the ingredients are only exposed to a low, tightly-controlled heat, ‘preserving its nutritional integrity’. And, because Gentle is cold pressed, it doesn’t swell up in the stomach like extruded foods, making it ideal for deep-chested dogs and any other breeds that are susceptible to bloat, says its manufacturer.

Founder and owner of the company Beate Rothon said: “The concept behind Gentle is simple. A high-meat content and carefully selected high-quality ingredients – essential for dogs’ good health – with no unnecessary bulking agents.

“By using only very low temperatures we can create a complete, balanced food that’s as close to nature as possible.

“Gentle has been a true labour of love. After all the hard work it’s a delight to know we have created a naturally nutritious product that’s free from any synthetic substances, preservatives or artificial appetizers.”

Beate developed Gentle with help from team at Scampers in Soham, Cambs, who have been selling and trialing it for the last few months.

Gentle is made by a small, traditional family business in Germany with over 40 years’ experience making cold-pressed foods. The dog food is free from gluten, artificial flavourings and colourings, preservatives, animal experimentation and GM products.

Scampers owner Piers Smart said: “We’ve enjoyed every step of helping develop the Gentle food and brand. And the resulting product has been great for us. It brings customers in store where you can talk them through why it’s actively good for their dogs. Feedback from customers is excellent – it’s really meeting a need.”

Suitable for all breeds and lifestages, in 5kg and 15kg packaging, Gentle can be fed alongside other low-processed pet foods including raw foods. Showing clear support to the independent pet trade, it is only available from specialist independent stores.