News Mother Goat Gives Birth Up A Hill Then Baby Jill Came Tumbling After


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Mother goat gives birth up a hill…then baby Jill came tumbling after
9th May 2022

By Meghan Taylor

Workers at Eastways Industrial Estate in Witham, Essex, were stunned when they arrived at work one morning to find a stray adult goat wandering behind the units, who then proceeded to give birth.
However, the goat birthed on some sloped grass which meant that the kid rolled down a small hill. 
Seeing this, the workers rushed over to help, which sadly spooked the mother, who ran off and abandoned the newborn. 

The workers phoned the RSPCA and took the kid to a local vet so she could receive urgent care. 
From the vets, RSPCA animal rescue officer Rebecca Yarrow collected the goat and transported her to South Essex Wildlife Hospital – where she was given the nickname Jill, after the ‘Jack and Jill’ nursery rhyme.
 “This is certainly an unusual story,” said Rebecca, “it’s possible the mother goat was an escaped or abandoned pet, who was looking for somewhere quiet and out of the way to give birth.” 
“We’re so grateful the workers called us before taking the kid to the local vet. When I arrived at the vet, I helped to bottle feed her, before taking her to the Wildlife Hospital who are now hand-rearing her.” 
Unfortunately, the goat’s mother's whereabouts are still unknown.