Most Owners Will Buy Christmas Presents For Pets



Most owners will buy Christmas presents for pets
1st December 2017

By Sandra Pearce
Research collected by The Insurance Emporium reveals that more than 70% of UK pet owners plan to get presents for their animals this Christmas.
The national survey also found that 11% of animal owners are likely to spend £40 or more, which includes 8% who are planning to spend more than £60. 
On average, cat owners plan to spend a total of £43.85 on their pet(s) this Christmas, whereas dog owners plan to spend a total averaging £55.60.
Francis Martin, CEO at The Insurance Emporium, said: “At The Insurance Emporium we hope that our products provide families and their pets with a peace of mind especially throughout the Christmas period, when an unexpected trip to the vet might occur. We would like to wish everyone, their pets and their loved ones a happy and safe Christmas and New Year.”