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More than a one-trick pony
10th December 2019

By Robert Ellis

Oxfordshire mother and daughter Lucy and Hannah Darch got more than they bargained for when they bought a new horse – the arrival of a surprise foal.

Summer, a bay mare, arrived at the family’s home in Great Milton after they bought her from a dealer.

However, no one was aware that Summer was pregnant as she was not showing any outward signs.

As the 11-year-old horse gained more weight over the summer despite having lots of exercise with her new owners, Hannah and Lucy became suspicious and called Hampden Equine Vets.

Vet Peter Fennelly said: “They suspected that Summer’s big tummy was due to more than just grass. I don’t think it came as too much of a shock when I confirmed that Summer was pregnant, and Lucy and Hannah took everything in their stride.”

The mare subsequently gave birth to the foal, which was named Miffy after a toy rabbit Hannah owned as a child.

Peter said: “Miffy is a beautiful, healthy foal – and they’ve got two for the price of one!”