News More Than 200 Ex Battery Hens Go Free



More than 200 ex-battery hens go free
25th March 2015

By Karen Pickwick

More than 230 plucky hens have experienced sunshine for the first time, thanks to a partnership between Wood Green, The Animals Charity, and the British Hen Welfare Trust.

Hen lovers from across the UK had responded to a rehoming appeal from the charities and were ready and waiting to provide new homes to the former commercial-laying hens.

Most were rehomed on the day thanks to volunteers of the British Hen Welfare Trust, who have been finding homes for nearly 500,000 ex-commercial hens, otherwise destined for slaughter, since 2005. Out of the 230 hens that arrived, all were rehomed during the last five days.

Within a few weeks the hens will be ‘full feathered and fabulous’, content to spend the rest of their lives roaming freely. They will quickly adjust to their newfound freedom, enjoying dust baths and laying eggs for their new owners, the charities say.

Marie Channer, field and small animal welfare manager at Wood Green, said: “Seeing the magical moment when they are released makes all the hard work really worthwhile. It’s so rewarding…especially when you see the girls out in the sunshine, charging around in the grass.”