News Merger Establishes Uk Aquatics Distributor



Merger establishes UK aquatics distributor
12th March 2020

By Justine Thompson

Two aquatics companies have come together to establish Aquatic Now – a specialist marine distributor for the UK.

ITC Aquatics LTD and Seneye LTD made the announcement on March 11. The merger means they will have doubled the available ranges overnight, enabling customers to obtain more from a single order.

Sales and marketing manager of Aquatics Now, Craig Timms, said: “Since Aqua 2019 we have been working hard behind the scenes on our merger to bring both companies together, who have unique and complimentary skill sets. The result is that Aquatic Now is truly born.

“For customers of both companies, we have practically doubled the available ranges overnight under one roof and in one order. Alongside this, it means we have increased our warehousing space, and sales and customer support capacity too. Most importantly, no staff were lost as a result of this merger.”

Customers will still be able to place orders through usual channels, but with more choice available.

ITC Aquatics products and brands will be available soon on the Aquatic Now website for trade-only ordering.


The ITC Aquatics name will live on as its own brand with the ALR and the many products they have produced.

Seneye continues its core ownership and handles worldwide distribution of its products separately to Aquatic Now, which acts as the UK distributor.

Craig said: “As we look to the future, we aim to bring more exciting, quality brands to the UK trade and continue to support both our many shared customers and also the unique ones each company brings to the mix.”

Further information is available here.