Marine Specialist Pledges A Revolution



Marine specialist pledges a revolution
25th April 2017

By Sandra Pearce

A new specialist saltwater shop has opened, promising a revolution.

Dale Frankland and James Goodchild, who own Salty Revolution in in Mildenhall, Suffolk, said they wanted to change the saltwater/reef-keeping world.

Dale said: “The reason we wanted to start the Revolution is because we were concerned about the future of the hobby. In a world where sustainability is becoming a more pressing issue, particularly threats to natural habitats, we could see that unless something was proactively done, the hobby could be in jeopardy.

“We therefore thought it was important to push the hobby forward, and through the creation of in-store farms for corals and local breeding networks for fish, create a sustainable future.

“We have made a pledge that by 2020, 50% of all our corals will be grown in-store, and that 25% of all our fish will be captive bred.

“We also wanted to have the space to be able to keep a massive range of corals and fish in stock so that hobbyists have as much choice as possible to choose the species they want, rather than being limited to second or third choice options.”

The shop also has breeding racks, a 14ft SPS display tank and 40,000 litres of marine systems. It offers more than 100 marine fish species, 30-50 species of inverts, hundreds of corals, and has a nine-foot 7,500-litre shark pool.

Dale added: “Everyone in the hobby wants their aquarium to look like a little slice of a wild coral reef. So we thought why not take this further and make our store resemble the buildings, structure and atmosphere of the locations in the world where the reefs are located. By blending together elements of South East Asia, Caribbean and Central Pacific, building materials, statues and music, we could create an amalgamation of all the world's tropical zones in store.”

The partners also launched their own brand of dry goods to complement their ethos of ensuring that customers get ‘the highest standards of products’.

He added: “We have received a fantastic response so far, and this has enabled us to begin work on our expansion which will add another 2,000sq ft. Over the next few months we shall be bringing online our own YouTube channel, online dry goods and coral sales, and further expansion of our own product ranges.

“None of this would have been possible without all of the fantastic support we have received from customers and our suppliers, particularly ITC, AED, Jack Coulson Carpentry and John Allen Aquariums, without which none of this would have been possible.”