Marine Brand Launches Freshwater Range



Marine brand launches freshwater range
22nd March 2018

By Sandra Pearce
Marine brand Aquaforest has released a new range aimed specifically at freshwater. 
A spokesman said: “Going right back to its beginnings in 1994, when the company started producing plant food for public aquariums, Aquaforest has now launched a range of specialist plant fertilisers, substrates, fish treatments and water treatments.
“For the discerning aquascapers who like to tweak their dosing regime, Aquaforest brings eight different fertilisers including those to boost iron, phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, macro and micro elements. Liquid carbon comes in the form of new Carbon Boost, and there is even Red Boost, designed specifically to boost growth and colour in red plant species.” 
The liquid fertilisers complement two new substrates: AF Natural Substrate, forming the first fertiliser layer on the tank base, and AF Lava Soil, which can be used on top or on its own as a substrate.
For dechlorination comes AF Water Conditioner, while Mineral Salt is used to re-mineralise RO water. Carbon and Zeolith are on hand for chemical filtration and AF Purify treats sick fish. 
Both the Aquaforest freshwater and marine ranges are available exclusively in the UK from Evolution Aqua.