News Luxury Pet Hotel Rescues Dogs



Luxury pet hotel rescues dogs
28th December 2018

By Robert Ellis

Left: The dogs were under weight and their coats were badly matted. Right: The Pet Joint owner Steve Belgrau

The Pet Joint – which describes itself as a ‘luxury pet home boarding hotel’ – has taken in three dogs that were found abandoned on a roadside.

The shih tzu-type dogs were abandoned on Denbigh Moors in North Wales in the night which resulted in an accident where at least one dog was hit.

Two of the dogs were caught and taken to The Pet Joint where they were given first aid and taken to the vets. The third remained at large for three more days until Steve Belgrau, the owner of The Pet Joint, managed to catch him by throwing a jumper over him.

All three were under weight, had badly matted coats, were covered in parasites and stunk of ammonia. After an appeal for witnesses and calls for the owner to come forward the dogs were rehabilitated by The Pet Joint, which set up a Go Fund Me page to assist with neutering, microchipping, flea and worm treatments, vaccinations and surgery following the accident. The post on social media attracted more than 300,000 views, nearly 10,000 shares and hundreds and hundreds of comments from the public.

Unfortunatley, council kennels were full and the RSPCA said as the dogs were abandoned at the roadside, they were the responsibility of the local authority so they remained at The Pet Joint.

After six weeks at The Pet Joint, the dogs are now now happy in new homes.