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Lucky ducks!
5th May 2021

By Karen Pickwick

A Labrador that likes chasing ducks had to be rescued by firefighters after swimming after the birds for more than half a mile and showing no signs of stopping.

A crew from Victorian Fire and Rescue in Australia were taking part in a routine exercise on the Maribyrnong River when they were approached and asked to help out with a real-life situation.

The distressed dog owner told the firefighters that her dog had been chasing ducks and jumped into the river before swimming away.

The black Lab, named Indy, had quickly swum out of sight, leaving her owner panicking, according to

Already in boats, the crews set off along the river in search of Indy, with a passer-by directing them to a lake nearly a kilometre away where he had spotted her.

They headed off and found Indy who, despite the long swim, didn't appear tired and was still paddling