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Look what the bobcat dragged in…
1st October 2019

By Robert Ellis

A US woman took a cat she had rescued into her home to feed him…without realising that it was a wild bobcat.

The unnamed woman, from Richmond, Virginia, freed the cat after it became stuck in her garden fence, reports the Mirror Online.

She shared photos of it online via advertising network Craigslist, asking if anyone had lost it.
“Found cat last night, was stuck in between my fence screaming its head off,” she wrote.
“Please, if you’re his owner, contact me ASAP. I cannot keep him here because as cute as he is, he is crazy and has gotten into everything in the house in one night and is extremely aggressive.”

After seeing her ad, many people messaged the woman to inform her that it was, in fact, a wild bobcat that she’d taken into her house and warned her to get rid of it quickly.

The woman updated her post to thank people for their advice, also revealing that the animal had urinated all over her house.