News Look Out For The September Blues



Look out for the September blues
11th September 2018

By Karen Pickwick

Pets at Home is urging owners to spare a thought for their pets this month as they reveal that dogs and cats may get the blues as children return to school.
Research by Britain’s biggest pet retailer revealed that more than four in 10 children (44%) admitted to having more fun with their pet than they did with their friends or siblings, with nearly two-thirds (63%) spending more than an hour each day interacting with their furry friend. This time spent with their pets was likely to decrease suddenly as children returned to school this month.
Vet Dr Maeve Moorcroft, head of pets at Pets at Home, said: “After being surrounded by family for a few weeks, pets get used to the fun and attention families bring them, but a sudden empty home can affect them.
“Even well-behaved pets start exhibiting strange or unruly behaviour when this happens, but there are actions you can take to minimise this, especially with dogs and puppies.”
“The return to school can be a busy, exciting, and sometimes stressful time for families, and pets are very sensitive to this. Preparing them for the change is vital.
“Luckily, while dogs are social animals that love company, they can also learn to like time by themselves. The good news is with the right training and preparation. Your dog will learn to handle, and maybe even enjoy, their time alone.”