News Livestock Lost In Pet Shop Blaze



Livestock lost in pet shop blaze
22nd May 2020

By Justine Thompson

Animals including birds are reported to have died in a pet and aquatic store blaze last night (Thursday).

Six fire engines attended the Cuddles N Bubbles store, in Broadway, Sheerness, Kent Fire Brigade said fire fighters had managed to save some of the animals but ‘sadly there was some loss of life’.

Unconfirmed reports say the store’s parrot, Toby, may have been among those animals lost.

The shop sold a wide variety of pets, including reptiles. A team of seven from Kent Wildlife Rescue attended to help care for those that had been rescued.


Lorraine St John, from the Kent Wildlife Rescue Service, told Kent Online there had been casualties, but it was not known exactly how many animals had died.

She said they had recovered many different animals including tortoises, guinea pigs, rabbits, budgies, rats and a blue-tongued skink.

“It’s all being controlled by the fire service. We’ve managed to get out some animals that were alive. We think we’ve lost all the small birds, like the finches,” she said.

Staff worked hard to ensure the animals made it through the night, it was reported on the Kent Wildlife Rescue Facebook page. 

Well-wishers were also using Facebook to send their best wishes to the popular shop last night.

Samantha Rawson wrote: “I have just read the dreadful news of the fire at your shop. I am truly sorry this has happened, and at this difficult time with lockdown etc. I am especially sorry for the animals that died and those injured, or traumatised.”

Cuddles N Bubbles describes itself as a small business providing the Isle of Sheppey with all its pets’ needs at affordable prices. It stocked food and accessories for ‘all animals from the biggest dogs to the tiniest fish’. Prior to the fire the shop had received many five-star reviews for its friendly and knowledgeable service.