Little Sew And Sew


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Little sew and sew…
7th August 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

A dog had a lucky escape after swallowing a needle and thread.

Staff at Beech House Veterinary Surgery, in Warrington, Cheshire, were surprised when Bow the puppy escaped harm after the needle passed through her system – and was pulled out safely the other end.

The 15-month-old springer spaniel lives with Sharon Taylor-Booth, her husband Darren and their two children, Jess and Joe.

Vet Agnieszka Hanszke managed to avoid operating by carefully pulling the sharp instrument out from the other end.

Sharon said: “My husband, Darren, had been sewing the seam of his work trousers and when he’d finished, he put the needle back in the bobbin in a cup holder on the arm of the chair.

“A while later, he noticed the bobbin had moved and that the needle had gone. We knew Bow must have got hold of the bobbin so we searched everywhere for the needle but couldn’t find it.

“We knew if it wasn’t on the floor, it was in the dog so we called the vets straight away, who said they would X-ray her to check.”

Bow was anaesthetised while the X-ray was carried out and Agnieszka said she was shocked at what she found.

The vet is no stranger to operating on dogs that have swallowed strange items and has removed a pair of knickers and a Kinder Egg complete with Minion toy from dogs’ stomachs in the past.

Vet Agnieszka Hanszke is pictured with Bow and her family – Sharon Taylor-Booth and her children Jess, 17, and 10-year-old Joe