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Little museum of horrors
22nd October 2019

By Robert Ellis

A museum where visitors can see fermented shark, spicy rabbit heads and bull penises has opened in Malmö, Sweden.

Among some of the dishes on display is a dead mouse in Chinese wine, maggots in cheese and grasshoppers. Cooked animal skulls and other body parts, including an eyeball, are also on display in pots or on boards.

Samuel West, curator of the Disgusting Food Museum, said: “Our entry tickets are not really tickets, they’re printed on vomit bags so everybody carries around a little vomit bag with them in case they feel sick...has anyone thrown up here at the museum? Yes, twice.”

The collection of bizarre food is aiming to challenge perceptions of taste and help visitors contemplate why one culture’s abomination is another’s delicacy, reports the Daily Mirror.