Lintbells Brings Out Cat Calmer



Lintbells brings out cat calmer
11th June 2018

By Karen Pickwick
Following on from the launch of YuCALM Dog in September 2016, Lintbells is launching YuCALM Cat, which is available to order from veterinary wholesalers.
The premium, natural calming supplement is suitable for short-term stressors – such as travel or veterinary visits – and for longer term behavioural support, the Hertfordshire company says.
It is available as a capsule, which owners should break to sprinkle the powder on their cat’s food daily. 
Brand manager Gemma Cunningham said that YuCALM Cat promoted happy and calm behaviours without causing sedation.
The launch includes a range of support material, such as educational posters, digital materials, guides and leaflets to help cat owners identify the signs of stress in cats.